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10 April 2016 @ 12:28 am

I am selling some Arashi official stuff :)

no titleno title
no titleno title

Every T-shirt is $65

no title

Scene hooded towel - $65

no title

Digitalian fanlight - $60

no titleno title

Beautiful World towel - $60

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no titleno title

Every penlight is $45

no title

Miyagi penlight - $65

no titleno title
no titleno title
Every bag is $65 (without the badges and keychains)

*I ship worldwide.
*I accept payment by Paypal ( or Western Union if you buy more than 2 things )
*After you place your order and I confirm your payment, I will ship your package in one week at most.
*I only want to ship with tracking number. If you really insist on a cheap option without tracking number, please don't take me responsible if something happens to the package.

Contact me me by private message or by comment to this post. Tell me what you want to buy and your country and I will calculate the shipping fee.
23 January 2015 @ 03:02 am
Hello minna! I haven't posted in ages here, but better late than never eh?

I'm bringing you some Digitalian goodies today. I recorded the whole concert ( audio only of course ), and thought I'd share some epic parts from the MC. You can find the audio files after the translations.

The recordings are from December 22 ( Monday ). They are not going to be on the DVD since it was recorded on Saturday, so you might want to take a look, cause you can't find these anywhere else.

Let's start with the members' colors introductions. Epic Yama moment.

Aiba: I’m in charge of the green color and I’m the soothing one. Please call me Green Masaki!
Sho: I’m in charge of red. I'm red and I’m the rapper. One-two one-two. One-two *starts rapping a line from La Tormenta* The  university graduate idol who's the fastest at stealing that’s right *raps raps raps* SAKURAI SHO YEAH!
Jun: Talk about your color only!
Sho: I’m red!
Ohno: Eh...I love the ocean. And I love fishing too by the way. I’m blue....*starts rapping* SA-KURAI SA-KURAI
*everyone picks on him*
Nino: And I...adore money! I’m yellow, Ninomiya Kazunari, nice to meet you!
Jun: I’m in charge of the concert preparations, purple, Matsumoto Jun, nice to meet you!

Download audio here

And a funny conversation about Aiba's Disco Star

Sho: There is something I need to know. Did a pro wrestler come during Disco Star?
Aiba: Eh?
Sho: I was changing so I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear from the stage FU FUU, FU FUU FU FUU
Nino: Was that a pro wrestler?
Aiba: That wasn’t a pro wrestler, it was Disco Star-sama.
Sho: Excuse me?
Aiba: The Disco Star-sama inside me went FU FUUU

Download audio here

Note: Please don't post these recordings somewhere else. Link back to this post if you want to share them with other people. Thanks!
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07 July 2012 @ 04:57 pm
My heart breaks, but I have to sell some of my Arashi stuff...

Ok, so here is what I'm selling. There are both official and unofficial goods.

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28 June 2012 @ 07:41 pm
Minna…have a favor to ask! I’m making a project for school about the senpai-kouhai ( senior-junior ) relationship in Japan. I also want to ask non-japanese people about senior-junior relationships in their countries so I could compare Japan with other countries. Could you please PLEASE take my survey?

Here is the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9NWCTRR 

You don't have to write much, just some short answers are ok. I just need as many people as possible to take the survey. I’d be so grateful if you could help me, I need to make this paper to finish university, so it’s very important *desperate puppy eyes*

Please keep in mind that in the survey I am talking about seniors who are very few years older than you. Because what I want to find out is if your attitude changes just because of a small age difference.

18 June 2012 @ 04:49 pm

Haha, I know the title sounds weird, but I’m not gonna make a report of the full shows because there are already lots of them, and more well written than I could do. Instead, I want to bring together all Ohmiya moments. There wasn’t any skinship like last year but hey, any tiny Ohmiya moment is worth it right? So let’s get to it.

Saturday 17:00 show

As you might know, Sho’s class was about water usage so he had a member wash his own mannequin for each show *mannequin a.k.a creepy doll with a picture glued on the face XD*. The other members had to carry buckets from some pools, climb the stairs back to the stage and provide water for the shower. On Saturday Jun was washing “himself”, and Aiba, Nino and Ohno had to carry the buckets. So Aiba and Ohno decided to bully Nino, and they were just waiting on the stage for him to come with the buckets so they could steal them XD Well, Aiba actually went a few times to take his own water after stealing from Neen, but Ohno just went once and then stole everything from Nino ♥ So at one point when Ohno was waiting to steal his buckets again, Nino started bitching and pushed Ohno, fighting over the bucket <3

And Ohno was so shamelessly cute while stealing Nino’s water, I was just kyaaa-ing by myself there (≧▽≦)

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24 March 2012 @ 05:21 pm
What do you do when you're in Japan and you barely have food money left?


Just spend those money on Nino pictures that are obviously important for your daily existence.
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